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Solar Power Plant

On Grid Systems
In this system, at the Sunny hours the grid connected system is generating more power than the consumed, the excess power is fed to the main power grid. This is what we name selling of energy.

Off Grid Systems
In this system, there is bit addition of the system such as batteries, charge controller. During the day the solar system will charge the batteries and at the off Solar time the load is satisfied by the battery supply.

Hybrid Systems
We come across many situations where we get multiple sources of energy but can’t totally depend on single source. In such case we go for combination of such sources to get the total reliable energy system. It may be the combination of the Solar+ Diesel Generator and so on.

Residential Solar System
Reduce the electricity bill. Go green and get your residents solar powered. In the Residential Solar we have On Grid Type, Off Grid Type and Stand Alone System. We can go totally dependent on the Solar system as in the day time we go with on grid type and in the later part of the day a kind of Off Grid System.